Fighting for fairness in the Showground Station Precinct
"Who are we and why have we formed?"

The Residents Matter Action Group (ResMAG) represents hundreds of local residents who own homes within the Showground Station Precinct in Castle Hill and who have been adversely affected by the actions of the Hills Shire Council and local Members of Parliament, Ray Williams and David Elliott.

The NSW Government has a public mandate to provide affordable housing around newly constructed metro rail lines - including at Showground Station.

The Hills Shire Council quickly upzoned and sold off its landholdings in the neighbouring Castle Hill North Precinct to developers for a sizeable $140 Million windfall, but at the same time has deliberately obstructed development proposals in Showground Station Precinct on land owned by local mums and dads.  These actions by council have been endorsed by Williams and Elliott (both Liberals) despite their own Party's mandate.

Council's sell-off of public land to certain developers had none of the draconian restrictions and controls it is now imposing on land owned by local residents. ResMAG believes this is not only wrong, it is adminstratively corrupt!


Quick Facts:
The NSW Government has mandated the provision of higher density affordable housing near major rail transport hubs.

The new metro line includes the construction of the Showground Station, with surrounding land gazetted for higher density dwellings.

Hills Shire Council quickly sold off its public land holdings in the neigbouring precinct on the new metro line to certain developers for a windfall, while other development groups took out options on land owned by local residents.

Developers that purchased land from council in the Castle Hill North Precinct have moved ahead with approvals, however every planning proposal by developers (with options on land held by local residents) put before council in the Showground Station Precinct for more than three years now has been delayed or rejected.

Council even proposed a 'masterplan' for the Showground Station Precinct that effectively would have prevented any development at all.

This Masterplan was endorsed by local Liberal MPs Ray Williams and David Elliott, who both launched a public campaign opposing development in their electorate (against their own Government's mandate) and attacked Planning Minister Anthony Roberts.

The public outcry by local residents against Council, Williams and Elliott, however led to Minister Roberts ignoring the Council Masterplan and gazetting a more workable plan - unfortunately with compromises for council which the local authority has now exploited.

Compromises included the requirement for super-sized apartments in 30 percent of all dwellings constructed and a limit of 5,000 homes. This allowed council to 'pick and choose' where development could occur, and continue to reject and delay proposals. Council also has produced a Showground Station Precinct specific local Development Control Plan (DCP) which further makes development unviable with impossible controls.

Actions by the Hills Shire Council have forced several major developers (including Mirvac) to walk away, with many others considering abandoning their projects. The impact will be a 'white-elephant' metro rail station, residents unable or refusing to sell their properties, and a failed NSW Government mandate for affordable dwellings that will potentially encourage other local authorities to carry out similar actions to the Hills Shire Council.


Keep up to date with what is happening in the Showground Precinct:

The Residents Matter Action Group (ResMAG) is calling on the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Planning Minister Anthony Roberts to ACT NOW. The Department of Planning must be put in control of all planning approvals in the Showground Station Precinct, and the Hills Shire Council completely removed from any involvement.

ResMAG also calls on the Minister for Local Government Gabrielle Upton to immediately suspend Hills Council to investigate what is clearly systemic administrative corruption or worse.