The Hills Shire Council has engaged in systematic abuse of its authority by deliberately interferring with a clear NSW Government mandate to provide affordable housing for future generations who have been priced out of the Sydney market.

Council's actions in selling off its own land (ratepayers' land) to developers in the Castle Hill North Precinct for a windfall $140Million without any of the deliberate delays, draconian controls and political interferrence imposed on other development groups who have taken up options on properties owned by ordinary mums and dads in the nearby Showground Station Precinct, is not just morally wrong, it is CORRUPT! Both precincts have new metro rail stations but have experienced very different treatment, why??

Placing affordable dwellings in the Showground Station Precinct on the newly constructed metro line is sensible. Our community has benefitted from this major new infrastructure, and the Hills like everywhere else, has an obligation to play its part in addressing the housing crisis that is having a major impact particularly on young first-home buyers. Our children and those coming into our city need somewhere to live. Council has no right to create an exclusive enclave in the Showground Station Precinct designed to exclude younger people and people from different backgrounds.

Council's ridiculous requirement for super-sizer apartments is scandalous because staff and councillors are well aware that not only is there no evidence of demand for such dwellings, they certainly will not be 'affordable' even if they were built (which we all know won't happen).

The deliberate strategy to delay and reject proposals, manipulating the limit of 5,000 dwellings by picking and choosing between applications rather then judging each on their merits as soon as they are presented, and the introduction of the Showground Station Precinct-specific local Development Control Plan that is so woeful it is obviously intended to prevent construction, proves Hills Council is engaged in a deliberate anti-development agenda (unless it is on land formerly owned by Council).

Local residents do matter. The Residents Matter Action Group will continue to fight - not just because Council is stopping ordinary mums and dads from making a small profit on the sale of their land and securing their financial future - but because a greedy self-interested and administratively corrupt Council is preventing our area from benefitting from jobs, investment, infrastructure, local business oportunities and much more. 

ResMAG is calling on the NSW Minister for Local Government Gabrielle Upton to have the Hills Shire Council immediately stood down and its practices investigated.