Local residents are alarmed at the level of political interference exercised by both Ray Williams MP and David Elliott MP in order to prevent State Government mandated development in the Hills region.

Our region has a responsibility - just as every region has in the wider metropolitan area of Sydney - to provide affordable housing for young first-home buyers and families. It is part of a major promise made by Premier Gladys Berejiklian and the reason behind significant new rail transport infrastructure being built in the north west.

The Showground Station Precinct should not be seen as the exception to what has and is occurring everywhere else in greater Sydney. For local Liberal politicians to publicly oppose the policy of their own Government and personally attack their planning Minister smacks of hyprocacy and NIMBYism.

That Elliott and Williams also did this in the face of their own local council having sold off public (ratepayer-owned) land to certain developers in the neighbouring Castle Hill North Precinct without a murmer of dissention from these two MPs also raises significant questions. This former council land doesn't suffer from the same restrictions, delays and onnerous development controls that have been deliberately imposed by Council on land owned by local mums and dads. Questions must be asked about the relationship between Council, the local MPs and developers in the Castle Hill North Precinct, and the lobbying process that took place.

Residents are concerned that the actions by Williams and Elliott also relate to their future chances of re-election and a possible desire to control the age and racial voter demographic of the Hills region.

ResMAG will continue to target the two local MPs until they stop interfering with Government policy, and influencing the councillors (they control through their factional alliances) and staff at Hills Shire Council.