These are the facts about the Castle Hill Showground Precinct development:
After decades of demanding better public transport the new north-west metro line, which includes Showground Station is under construction. 

The area surrounding the new Showground Station is gazetted for higher density - addressing the housing crisis and bringing millions of dollars to the local econony. 

Hills Shire Council sells land to developers for a huge $140 Million windfall in the neighbouring Castle Hill North Precinct. The Mayor Michelle Byrne is quoted in the media as saying: “Council has been able to consolidate the site over many years, and the sale further enhances Council’s fiscal position as possibly the strongest in NSW." (Sydney, 9 September 2015) 

Other development groups take out options in new Showground Station Precinct on land owned by local-residents  (who are planning for their personal future). 

Developers that purchased neigbouring land from council quickly have had their DA’s approved with no restrictions.

BUT, EVERY planning proposal presented by other developers (with options on land held by residents) in the Showground Station Precinct is delayed or rejected by Hills Shire Council.

Council then proposes a 'masterplan' for the Showground Station Precinct that effectively prevents any financially viable development.

This Masterplan is endorsed by local Liberal MPs Ray Williams and David Elliott, who launch a public campaign opposing development in their electorate (against their own Government's mandate) and attack Planning Minister Anthony Roberts.

Public outcry led by local residents against Council, Williams and Elliott leads to Minister Roberts ignoring the Council Masterplan and gazetting a more workable plan. However, compromises are put forward including super-sized apartments in 30 percent of all dwellings and an initial limit of 5,000 homes.

Council abuses the compromise position and starts 'picking and choosing' where development will occur, and continues to reject and delay proposals.

Council THEN produces a Showground Precinct specific local Development Control Plan (DCP) which again makes development unviable!

​Through their actions, Hills Shire Council forces several major development groups (including Mirvac) to walk away, with others considering abandoning their projects.


!  A 'white-elephant' metro rail station with residents unable or refusing to sell their properties.

!  A failed NSW Government mandate for affordable dwellings.
!  A complete lack of faith in Hill Shire Council to do what's right for the community!
The Residents Matter Action Group (ResMAG) is calling on the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Planning Minister Anthony Roberts to act now.

The Department of Planning must be put in control of all planning approvals in the Showground Station Precinct, and the Hills Shire Council completely removed from any involvement.

ResMAG also calls on the Minister for Local Government Gabrielle Upton to immediate suspend Hills Council to investigate what is clearly systemic administrative corruption or worse.